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    Scan32.exe error

      I have a user who every morning runs into the following errors (see screen shots).  I'm not finding a lot on this online so I thought I'd post here.  Any thoughts?  I assume this only happens in the morning because this is when McAfee runs for her.



      scan32 error.jpg


      scan32 error1.jpg

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          I've moved this to the Virusscan Enterprise forum for attention.



          This is an error in a scheduled scan by Virusscan enterprise. If you access the virusscan console from the start menu you should be able to see the uncompleted scan as a task and check its log.


          you can run a check tool to see if there are any issues with your installed Mcafee software from here: http://www.mcafee.com/uk/downloads/free-tools/virtual-technician.aspx


          Some more information on this would be usefull, I can see from the file names you are running VSE 8.8 patch 1 but what is the DAT version and have any hotfixes been applied.