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    VSE 8.5 not showing hotfix

      After doing a system by system search through the installed software queries I noticed 4 of our roughly 250 systems were not showing that they had the VSE 8.5 installed at all. In a moment of panic I looked at the machines and the software is installed and running properly. After pushing the client (4.0) again and then pushing both the VSE 8.5 and associated Anti-Spyware then collect/send stats, the applications showed in the console again, but the installed patch levels were wrong.

      I went to the desktop again and looked at the "About". From the McAfee Agent it shows the Hotfix is 1, but from VSE it shows Installed Patches: none. When I perform an Update Now to grab and install patch 8, it tells me that the client is already running patch 8. Indeed patch 8 is in the C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\RepairCache directory on that system. I don't see any threads on this, so I'm starting one. Short of uninstalling everything on these systems and starting over, is there any way to confirm that patch 8 is installed properly and get it to report properly?

      Thanks in advance!
        • 1. Reboot and check patch level.

          Try rebooting the PC, then check that the patch is properly reported.
          Ron Metzger
          • 2. RE: VSE 8.5 not showing hotfix

            Before you start rebooting anything, try forcing a Agent Deployment over the top of what is already there. It could be an issue between VSE and the Agent not reporting all the correct details. Happens all the time at our work.
            • 3. Thanks
              The reboot was an obvious step that I had not taken into account, but it didn't work (thank you anyway - generally does fix strange things like this!).

              DV27 - I did push the install from the console over top of the existing install, but I don't think that process was complete enough. I just manually initiated a re-install of VSE 8.5 on an affected system and that cleared things back to the base version of VSE 8.5. I was then able to run an "update now" to pull down the patch 8 again. Everything appears to be reporting properly on that system again... for now!

              Thank you again for your time and ideas!
              • 4. Cool, and good luck

                Glad to help. Let us know how things are going.
                Ron Metzger
                • 5. RE: Cool, and good luck
                  Over here the same problem. On new servers we are using an Altiris Job to install the ePO agent and VirusScan 8.5i. We use the MSI package which includes allready patch 8. Yesterday i had to install a new server and i saw that Patch 8 wasn't installed in the "About" section of McShield. When i try to reinstall Patch 8 manually it says that it's already running a later version than Patch 8. The C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\RepairCache folder contains the right vse850i.msi file. What is going on here? In this topic i saw that reinstalling the VirusScan 8.5i and/or ePO agent should work, but i think that is not an option... Does anybody know the caus of this behaviour?

                  Thank you!
                  • 6. RE: Cool, and good luck

                    Again, did you reboot the server? I have never attempted to install VSE or the McAfee Agent via Altiris. So, for that you are on your own.

                    When installing fresh, as you appear to be doing, VSE needs to reboot in order to implement the mini-firewall and network protection services. The Help/About screen often misreports currently installed DATs, Engines, and Patches, until a reboot is completed. You could try stopping the McAfee services and restarting them, though I have not had good luck with this, and I do not recommend this simply to get reporting to work better.

                    Another possible solution is to download the entire SuperDAT and run this as well. This sometimes re-initiates some of the reporting to the correct values.

                    Ron Metzger
                    • 7. RE: Cool, and good luck

                      One of the first things i did was rebooting the server (Reboot is always good...)
                      When i try to install the newest SuperDat (sdat5784.exe at this moment) i get an error saying that i'm already running the latest version of Engine and DAT-files. So it seems that the system is up-to-date but it isn't showing it, neither in ePO. I'm having the same issue at another new server that a colleague of me installed. Any more suggestions? I might open a case at McAfee...
                      • 8. sdat /F option might help.

                        Not sure where to go with this, but when running the SDAT, try using the /F (Force) command line option. This will force re-installing the sdat regardless of version, which is stopping you when already running the current version.

                        When installing via Altiris and the .msi from McAfee, I am not sure what affect the installation has on registry entries which contain the version number and the like. It could be that the entries are not set correctly as a side effect of this installation method.

                        Sorry I can't help more. Maybe someone else can help further.
                        Ron Metzger
                        • 9. RE: sdat /F option might help.

                          Thanks for your reply. The weird thing is that it always worked fine to install McAfee with Altiris, so i don't think Altiris is the problem. Even running the SDAT with the /F option doesn't work... It still displays that there are no patches installed...