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    We can´t deploy AV for MAC with domain account (in domain users group) from ePO.


      Hello !

      We have MAC HW with MAC OS (doesn´t matter what version 10.7.x or new 10.8.1)

      In ePO SRV 4.6 P3 we have ePo Agent 4.6 (P3 Build 2918) and Security for MAC 1.2 (Build 1444)

      In McAfee PDF
      Enable SSH on MAC and Deploy ePO Agent from ePO.



      So I proceeded like this..

      1. In MAC OS - Enable SSH: System Settings->Sharing->Remote Login and Add (list from domain) domain Users Group  „APP.ANTIVIRUS“
      2. Our MACs are in domain.
      3. I have account ABCD in domain in "APP.ANTIVIRUS" AD group.
      4. I can´t deploy ePo Agent with my account ABCD to MACs.

        When I login on user´s  MAC with my account ABCD and I cache it there profile is it possible deploy from ePO.

        Without cache profile isn´t possible deploy.

             Why ?




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