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    Error Message using McAfee Maintained Certificate Authorities



      Since a few days I receive the following Error Message:


      Update Event triggered [1651]:1 of the recently updated CRLs for the certificate chain filter can not be loaded; origin:Certificate chain filter; severity:4


      I checked the mwg-core.error Logfile:


      [2012-08-25 22:24:11.276 +02:00] [CertificateFilterPlugin] [CannotLoadCRL] Cannot load CRL of CA 'IPS Internet publishing Services s.l. - IPS CA CLASE3 Certification Authority' with digest '4178ab4cbfce7b4102acdac4933e6ff50dcf715c' ('error:0408D077:rsa routines:FIPS_RSA_VERIFY:wrong signature length').


      How can I fix this ? I already checked the CRL URL, I can download the CRL without problems.


      Thanks for help.