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    How to stop mcafee interfering with xbox live?


      Hello all


      Recently I bought a new dell xps8500 and it came pre installed with mcafee security centre. I have never used mcafee before and was always a kaspersky user but I decided to give shot.


      I currently have no broadband connection, just a midband internet dongle. Thats how I connect to the internet. I also have my xbox connected to my computer with a lan cable and must have my computer and internet connection active before turning on my xbox.


      Now however I am facing a problem...I think mcafee is causing my xbox live to have a strict/moderate NAT (I cannot change any settings in my dongle so thats why I am blaming mcafee)


      I need to know how I can allow xbox full access and for mcafee to not block any ports etc.


      Can anybody help me?


      Thank you