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    Why does VSE ping every server at startup ?

      Quick question related to startup/performance.

      We use EPO and VirusScan Enterprise 8.8, in a global environment (35 countries, 25k users).


      When a computer boots, it does a DNS lookup and then pings every McAfee repository server. Over 200 of them.

      Why ?


      Shouldn't my VSE client only download updates from the local repository server?

      Why is it pinging all of these servers located around the globe and waiting for replies from each ?


      20,000 computers doing an unnecessary 200+ dns lookups and pinging 200+ servers around the globe at every boot equals ALOT of extra network traffic.

      Plus it appears to be greatly slowing down the startup of each computer.


      Does McAfee do this by default, or is it incorrectly implemented in our large environment?



      I don't manage the McAfee environment, only trying to troubleshoot the incredibly slow startup issues and found these problems while doing a wireshark at bootup.



      Thanks for any input !

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