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    Request to install Virtual Technician

      I take care of my family's computers.  Today both my sister and my mother received a message that their computer may be at risk and inviting them to install the Virtual Technician.  This is the first time I have ever seen this and it looks highly suspicious.  I used to be a technician and we had a lot of problems with fake anti-virus software that were really spyware/malware.  If this is legtimate, and I assume new, why did they suddently get this pop-up?  Is it an indication that the scan found some viruses and they need to install yet another program to check the computer?

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          I don't think so. Several other posters have mentioned an on-screen message from McAfee telling them to run MVT, and indeed after last week's release of that faulty DAT an awful lot of machines have needed to run MVT to undo the changes brought in by 6807/6808.


          If you're at all suspicious, of course, don't respond to the prompts. You can download MVT from https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2925

          - always go to the vendor's website in cases like this rather than click on a (possibly poisoned) link.


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            Thanks for your quick reply.  I will download and run the technician on both computers tomorrow.

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              Thanks so much for the useful info, Hayton!


              I just saw the same popup and found my way here.  I can't believe McAfee would put up something that smelled so much like a virus install invitation!  An unexpected popup - OK, with a logo I recognize - that says my computer is at risk and click the link below to fix?  And then there's no link - just a selection pulldown? What even mildly knowledgeable user would go for that?


              I downloaded MVT (from the web site), and (after a surprisingly long time) it said my DAT was not up to date and that there was a content issue in the DAT.  I said to fix, and it prompted for a reboot.


              Just wanted to say thanks for such timely info about this!