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        I don't use the active scanners on either, I just open them to check files, then close them, they are not open any other time. Both were added after McAfee and were on the computer before when McAfee was working ok.


        I just don't have the time to use live tech support, this or e-mail works best for me.


        If you run across a fix down the road, post it here and I will see it....but I'm not holding my breath.

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          I'll certainly keep a look out for any discussions and solutions for this matter.

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            This is not an isolated incident.  I just installed McAfee from my existing subscription on my new laptop after my Norton trial expired.  I have run McAfee at work and at home for at least 10 years, so I know how it is supposed to work.  Whenever I right click on a file and select "Scan" from the menu, it starts a Quick Scan, examining on the order of 4000 files, not including the one I am interested in.  I find that a virus scanner that refuses to scan a file for viruses to be somewhat less than optimal.


            Reinstall didn't fix it.  MVT didn't find a problem.  And no, I don't want to wait an hour and violate my system's security by having tech support install a VNC server on my machine just to get to tell someone at McAfee they have a serious functional flaw.


            Hoping for an an update that fixes this soon, or at the very least, acknowledgement from McAfee with an ETA on a fix.

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              If they cannot reproduce this they do need a sympathetic user to let them takes some logs. They are trustworty and if you want you can ask that only T2 or higher techs work with you. They have logged my PC oodles of times over the past 10 years and I am still on line.


              They only inspect and log non private areas ie windows and mcafee logs.

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                It's a catch 22, McAfee won't work with me because I got my software from AT&T, and AT&T don't know squat about McAfee software.

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                  I have McAfee through a paid bundle from MSN Premium and I've also lost my manual scan capabilities.  This happened after an automatic update to dat 6820.  I updated to 6821 and it still won't work.  It had worked after I reinstalled due to the internet fiasco update but as soon as my system updated on 8/29/2012 I lost manual scan.  Right now the only PC that will manually scan is one where the update agent crashed while trying to update files.  I've been updating that one manually.

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                    Pinged a couple of techs re this.

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                      Hi, any update from McAfee techs?  I just purchased/installed McAfee Total Protection 2 days ago on a fresh Win7 bit install, and am experiencing the same issue.  everytime I try and scan a single file through the Explorer shell (right click, scan file), McAfee kicks into a full scan. 

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                        No but they have been on a long weekend so probably catching up on their emails. will remind them.

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                          After a month, this is still not working.  Is there a command-line workaround?  Is anyone looking at this at all?