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    MEG7.0 configuration push listening port


      My client has several MEG7 appliances in several locations, and we have successfully configured configuration push on appliances that have the default admin port 10443/tcp enabled for remote access.  On appliances where we could not use the default admin port and are using 443/tcp instead we cannot get the configuration push to work.  Does anyone know if configuration push requires the default admin port 10443 to be enabled for remote access?

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          I actually have the same question.  We are planning on using TCP 443 instead of 10443 for the configuration port, and I am interested in knowing one, will this work, and two, are there any other ports that are needed between ePO and the MEG appliances that are needed to be opened in our firewall to make this work.  I have not been able to find a definitive answer on this point.  If anyone from McAfee could chime in, that would be great.

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            You'll find a section "Ports used by McAfee Email Gateway"  on page 18 of the Appliance Administrator's guide.





            443 may be problematic to use as the admin port if you plan to leverage any of the Secure Web Mail features that require recipients of mail to connect back to your mail gateways to get encrypted mail.


            To the original question, yes, I believe config pushes use the administrative web interface port 10443.  I don't think they leverage SSH.     You'll want to get firewall flows established I think.


            While on the subject of configuration push,  one thing I learned is NOT common knowledge:  if your gateways are clustered... you don't want configuration push defined.  They fight each other.  An accuvant quickstart consultant had this wrong, and a mcafee MEG support engineer had to correct them in mid session as our quickstart session ran into a roadblock.  It was awkward.


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              I don't know why one would do configuration push and clustering on the same hosts.  The admin guide does not specify what port configuration push uses, but I would speculate it is the management port as well 10443/tcp.

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                Oh, the device will let you do it. And some Accuvant consultants think it'd be  a good idea.  But support vehemently disagrees indicating you're gonna screw things up.