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    McAfeeAntiVirus Plus - Virtual Technician


      McAfeeAntiVirus Plus on VistaSP2


      After someof the links on the McAfee main menu didn't seem to work and I couldn't getMcAfee to execute its weekly scan, a message from the McAfee Virtual Technicianpopped up indicating errors and invited me to install it. I did so and itreported 4 problems had been resolved – I was impressed. The scan then worked.


      The onlything I don't understand is that after it had finished, my Mozilla Firefoxopened with a message from the McAfee Virtual Technician:


      This screen is open so that McAfee can perform some necessary action in Firefox. You canignore this screen and close it.


      But then nothing happens, and there is no link to continue any action either. I ran the technician again, this time no problems, but the same final message. As far as I can seemy PC and Firefox work OK. Can someone enlighten me? Many thanks!