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    Daily Activity Reports

      I have posted this before. I typically receive daily activity reports for 10-14 days and then they stop. The last daily email report from Family Protection was Aug. 22.

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          I have replied to your previous post. But I will post it here again.


          1. You need to have some updates. MFP doesnt send out blank reports

          2. Another issue could have been internet connectivity at the time it was supposed to send out the report. So lets say you had set the instant alert functionality at 4PM, it should ideally send out the report 24 hours later. But if there is no connectivity, it should send the report out when connected to the internet but I know we have been facing some issues on that front.


          In case you want to see the reports on the physical computer, right click on the family protection systray icon (bottom right corner) and click view activity reports option. You can choose whatever dates to see internet activity.

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            This is helpful--thank you.

            1. When I am able to access the computer (drive across town) I can see there was activity on the days I did not receive email reports. The user leaves the computer on with the exception that it certainly may go into sleep mode. I can see the user has been blocked so certainly the program is working--but it would be nice not to make that road trip to be assured!

            2. I have it set to sending me "daily reports" but where does it request a partcular hour such as 4am? That I have not seen. When I have gotten reports even on a daily basis they generally come for a few days in the morning or a few days in the evening hours. I am just happy when I get one!

            3. Right click on the icon--thanks, I ALWAYS forget that one! ugh. Will do!


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              For clarification when I say in the above email that I can see the Family Protection is working--blocked websites--I am seeing that by going into history. But now I know how to view activity reports that weren't emailed--by right clicking the MFP icon. Just hoping I don't have to make the road trip to do it--thanks!