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    McAfee Updates forcibly shut down computer


      This is my first time posting here, so if this problem has already been addressed, please feel free to delete or point me in the right direction. I tried searching for this problem but it seems like I'm the only one experiencing this:


      Whenever SecurityCenter does an automatic update, naturally you have the option to Restart Now or Restart Later. Of course, sometimes I am in the middle of something and wish to Restart Later. However, I've discovered if I click this option one too many times (not sure how many), a few minutes later my computer is forcibly shut down (it's not a system crash), with no option to stop it whatsoever. All the programs are terminated (and I lose all my work, by the way) and the computer is rebooted, without any warning.


      I know that this is a McAfee problem because this has only happened after I've clicked Restart Later a few times. What I'd like to know is how to fix this so that my computer is never hijacked by McAfee and forcibly shut down without my permission (or fair warning!). I should, in theory, be able to put off restarting indefinitely, but for some reason McAfee won't take no for an answer.


      I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell XPS15z, if that info is useful. Anyone know of a solution?


      Thanks for any insight.


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          Microsoft do the same with any of their updates that need a reboot. If the system and registry changes can't be fully implemented until the system is restarted then - for Windows and McAfee - a kind of dual-state existence has to be maintained while the current session is active. This is not only a drain on system resources but is likely to lead (eventually) to a BSOD if something running tries to modify a file or setting that's flagged for modification by the Microsoft/McAfee update. So both Microsoft and McAfee put a time limit on how long you're allowed to defer the restart. Leave it too long and the timer runs out, and you get restarted anyway. That's how it is, and I don't think that can be changed.

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            I've just had the same problem, and I'm fuming. There's no reason whatever to restart a computer that is shut down nightly anyway. There's very little point in installing security software to protect your work when the same software loses it by forcing unexpected and unnecessary shutdowns. What's wrong with an option to delay shutdown for 24 hours, so that it will clear in the common circumstance of the PC only being on while I'm at home?


            Add that to Security Scan Plus being installed by deceit when I did a Flash update (a not particularly obvious option to install a program of unknown and unstated purpose, usually the way of working of disreputable add-on producers), and I may uninstall this very soon unless an explicit option is added to block all unauthorised restarts.


            I've only got it installed because another family member bought a licence. I'd rather go back to a free package.


            At least the equivalent threat from Microsoft can be blocked with a registry tweak.


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              Mcafee did not install security scan adobe did after you allowed the install.


              I know it was sneakyly done and i even got caught but it is easy to uninstall via windows removal of programs.


              re the restart I and the other mods have pointed out to the techs we correspond with that thigs need to be better done. 1 tech actually had it happen to him but he allowed it so the logs showed. The 2nd popup came as he ok'd another popup and seemed the focus of the windows charged to the new popup. My daughter and her husband both have seen it happen will online gaming.


              That said this has been passed up the line

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                Thanks for the response.


                I agree about Adobe doing the install, but you're not telling me that McAfee wan't party to it, surely? I only spotted what had been done to my home PC when the same thing happened at work, and I noticed the check box. What I don't understand is why McAfee would allow themselves to be associated with a way of getting products onto a PC that causes problems, and is arguably a reason for having McAfee in the first place.


                In fairness, however, I got another McAfee update today, and it did allow me to delay the restart for 24 hours (strictly, it asked when I wanted to be reminded again). That will be fine - I'll be shutting down again soon, and so it can install then. I fully realise the importance of these updates.


                May change my username to muchhappiernow

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                  Actually many programs use that adobe path. I have seen norton and chrome to name 2 use it as well as a toolbar .


                  It is possible that the update to fix this came through. Can you post you current versions of Sc Vs and firewall please. We were told that the update is high priority and will come asap ie when they can fit it into a release. maybe that happened.

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                    Three days ago I was working on a paper, due that evening, when I was asked to reboot for a McAfee update. It did not give me a timeframe to postpone but did give me the option to postpone, which I took. Several hours later it forced a shutdown without any warning or ability to stop it. I lost everything I had been working on for hours. There was no other program that came in during my work to request a reboot, just McAfee. This wasn’t the first time it happened either. Obviously there is a major flaw here. Any other program gives you options and warns you before shutting you down so you can save your work. This McAfee software is provided through Cox and therefore could impact thousands of people, many of which probably wouldn’t even recognize where the problem was coming from; that is until someone puts a post on their forum. What is McAfee doing to fix this?

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                      It is to be fixed we hear in a patch coming soon. By soon I mean probably late this year early next unless something big does not push it back. But then I have been wrong in my timing before so accept it is coming.


                      Next time defer it save your work and reboot and all should be ok. We mods have pointed out this issue to Mcafe.


                      Something and this even happened to a tech the popup returned but as he was working on another program an enter key hit in that program activated the restart now option. IE the popup focus seemed to be on the background popup not the program in plain view. This was confirmed by logs and this is what I assume is being fixed.


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                        In fairness, ever since my second post, I've been asked for permission for a restart, and allowed to delay up to a week (which is far more than I'd ever want). I've had several updates since I posted. I have changed to having it ask permission for downloads.


                        In fairness, it's just part of a general tendency to write software as though it's the only thing that's going to run on the PC Automatic desk-top short-cuts, pre-loaders and lots of other things are brilliant, as long as this program isn't one of 20-odd all doing the same thing. Then it becomes unmanageable. So there need to be options to give the user control of these things.


                        Security Centre 11.6.435

                        VirusScan 15.6.231

                        Firewall 12.6.186

                        QuickClean 11.6.164

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                          Agreed I see that the option for some has restart in a week though that is a tad too long a delay especially if the restart is due to a major patch. Have to see what my next popup says


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