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    Cannot turn on McAfee or Windows Firewall


      Since 1 month i'm experiencing problems with both MacAfee firewall as windows firewall. I'm currently running windows 7, SP1 and McAfee Antivirus plus. When i'm trying to turn McAfee firewall on it immediatel turns off again. Windows firewall is down as well. When I'm trying to start it thru services.msc i get the errorcode 1075. Same goes voor the Ipsec Policy Agent which is related, i read.  When started up thru Control Panel I get the errorcode 0x80070433.

      A month ago I had an issue where a mcafee window kept popping up saying it detected trojans. Unfortunately i didn't write down which of what trojan(s) they were. Since i detected the problem with the firewall later on I didn't see an immediate relationship. So, i first uninstalled McAfee and reinstalled in order to get the firewall up and running. Logs probably will be uninstalled as well as I can't seem to find them in order to trace back the trojan which was removed by mcafee. I've tried to manually start up the firewall services but that didn't help. I've scanned my drive with Stinger, GetSusp, Superantispyware, TDSSKiller,Malwarebytes Free and CCE. Nothing really harmfull has been found although CCE reported a problem with GLobal winlogon :


      ====== Cleanup results ======


      Global    WINLOGON    SYSCHANGE    Repair    OK


      Global    HOSTS    SYSCHANGE    Repair    OK


      So it seems that i've been infected with something. I've downloaded the rootkitremover but that turned up nothing. Malwarebytes


      With MVT it gives a few problems with the registry keys:

      Registry                2 Registry key(s) incorrect                     
                                      Expected Registry Value not Present                               
                                      Expected : 60
                                      Existing : 600
                                    Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\SystemCore\VSCore\On Access Scanner\McShield\Configuration ScanProcessesDelaySeconds
                                      Expected Registry Value not Present                               
                                      Expected : ini log txt trc
                                      Existing : ini log txt trc wiki-publisher log1 evtx mui
                                    Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\SystemCore\VSCore\On Access Scanner\McShield\Configuration SmoothWritesExtensions


      and firewall services:

      Product Name:Personal Firewall              - McAfee AntiVirus Plus
      Product Version:12.6.172
      Health Check Details
                        Registry                                      OK                   
                        File                                      OK                   
                        Process                                      OK                   
                        Service                1 service(s) incorrect                     
                                      Expected Service State Incorrect                             
                                  Expected : running
                                  Existing : stopped
                                    Service: McMPFSvc "C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\McSvcHost\McSvHost.exe" /McCoreSvc



      I've seen similar problems here on the forums (i.e. https://community.mcafee.com/thread/47198?start=0&tstart=0) but can't find any solutions.


      I've tried to contact support for help but i can't select a mailadress or phonenumber on the webpage. That's why i'm posted here and hoping someone can help me. I just prolonged my subscription but this way that seems no point.

      Thanks very much in advance for the help which is appreciated.

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          Technical Support for your country is only open Monday to Friday and available by phone or online chat here:  http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1043&sg=TS


          Try running the Virtual Technician again as often it will fix on a second or third run http://mvt.mcafee.com/

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            i'll try and contact them during office hours. Will I be able to select internetchat or email support then?

            I've run the virtual technician a dozen times but unfortunately that doesn't do the trick either.

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              That's a shame re: MVT not fixing it.   You could try uninstalling via Control Panel, then running MCPR cleanup (Useful Links at the top of this page), reboot and try a reinstall from your online account.


              If that doesn't help then.....


              I wouldn't try the email option if it exists as that is by far the slowest means of getting support.  Either the phone or online chat options are best.

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                If McSvHost is disabled and can't be enabled by MVT then there is always the possibility that the system has a persistent infection, possibly a rootkit like ZeroAccess, which is deliberately interfering with McAfee services. It's not certain, but a possibility. Stinger doesn't detect all of the 600+ variants of ZeroAccess.


                The poster could try running HitmanPro (detection-only version, which is free) for a second opinion. That's been recommended a few times.

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                  I've tried uninstalling and running MCPR cleanup a few times and reinstalled it but unfortunately that didn't work. I'll try and get online with support this wednesday. Meantime i might try running HitmanPRo. Do you know of where i can find old logs of Mcafee detections that would survive MCPR? That way i can find out the name of the infection that was found by the realtime scanner? I might have it in a backup of my system if i know where to find it.

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                    None that I'm aware of, sorry.  The logs are all encrypted anyway or in some proprietary format and readable only by Support.

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                      Just did a HitmanPro swipe and it showed up ZeroAccess...... "Glad" to know what is causing it. Now i have to try fixing it.

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                        If you can run Hijackthis post its log on the BleepingComputer forum linked near the bottom of that last link in my signature.   If the infection stops you installing it try 'save as' to your desktop first and change its name or try the same thing in 'Safe Mode with Networking' reached by tapping F8 repeatedly whilst booting up.

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                          Hi, I had something very similar due to exposure over 3 days (McAfee DAT problem WIN 7 Pro, IE9 all v. current!). None of the standard recommendations helped to get the pers. Firewall activated!

                          I did download HitmanPro and took a 30 day test. It showed the ZeroAccess (3x) bugs I picked up (fake Flash Player & Platinum SW during the time TP was not working properly) and corrected them. However I still had no improvment with Firewall status.

                          I therefore contacted McAfee support (it's crazy that they have no chat support out of hours. If you are out at work you can't fix your home PC!! I just happen to have a day off today) and got very good support just now. After redoing some of the things I'd already done (deinstall & McAfee clean-up) Petar (from German support) used the McAfee 'Firewall Fix 5 tool',corrected at least 2 registry entries (BFE, MPSSVC) and after reinstalling, I'm up.

                          The standard 1-2-3 published on the McAfee site will not help customers like us. It's a waste of time because between deinstall and install more than just the standard McAfee clean-up is necessary - see my notes above.

                          NB I am a computer professional (now nearly retired) and at our v. large company had McAfee products and that's why I installed Total Protection on my 'home' PC. Until this mega exposure I was very satisfied with the SW. I would expect a lot more proactiveness from McAfee even for us home users after such an exposure!

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