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    Cannot connect to the internet because of McAfee

      My laptop (Windows Vista) lost internet connection since this morning. Neither wireless nor wire connection worked. All my other Windows laptops and iPhone could connect to the internet without any problem at the same time. I've spent more than 5 hours today to investigate the issue.


      The symptom is that my laptop could get the IP address allocated from the router, but couldn't ping the gateway's IP address! What is wierd is, in McAfee Home Network, I could see my router and all my other laptops and phone in the network. However, I couldn't ping any of the hosts. I've tried all the possible means, reboot my modem and router, upgraded network driver, ..., but none of those worked until I uninstalled McAfee, and suddenly I my got network connection again even without a restart!


      I've did some research in the forum and realized I'm not the only one that experience the problem. I'm really surprised I didn't get any notice from McAfee regarding this KNOWN issue! I've found the following pages, but am not sure if they are still up-to-date.




      Now, my questions are:

      1) Could someone provide me an "official" McAfee web page that describes the solutions for this issue? There are two many answers and solutions on your site and in this forum and most of them don't work at all unfortunately.


      2) My license will expire in May 2014. I'm wondering if I can get my money back if I terminate the license earlier, because McAfee could NOT provide me a reliable product. An anti-virus product without internet connection is not acceptable!


      I couldn't give McAfee product another try by reinstalling the product (my license is active anyway). However, I highly suspect this issue might come back again in future, if McAfee didn't find the root cause and didn't give me the correct solution. That's why I'm asking for an "official" solution for this issue from McAfee. I've already spent lots of time to investigate, don't want to waste any more time on it. Thanks!

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          That FAQ is about as official as it will get.  Plus there's a red warning on the main support page and an announcement at the top of the main Home and Home Office page here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ that's been there for about a week now.


          Virtual Technican has been updated to fix most of these problems automatically if you can load its setup file to a flash drive perhaps and then transfer it to that machine?




          If you go the uninstall route, use the normal Control Panel method first followed by the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.

          Reboot and reinstall from your account.


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            I had the same issue last Monday I used the uninistall method from the control pannel and re downloaded it again I never used the MCPR cleanup tool as i didnt know about it will i have problems in the furtue?

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              If it's working OK no need to worry about it.

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                I am really annoyed at Mcafee, as I spent hours on the ISP call centres, Belkin modem call centres and finally shelled out enough money to buy a new $120 AU modem to get the internet working as advised by the ISP. It turned out the whole time it was Mcafee, with a dodgy update, Mcafee was the last thing I expected.


                Whilst I am relieved the issue is finally resolved I'm not convinced enough to renew my membership next time around. Its costed me literally time and money to get the computer back to normal, and it turns out it was the very program designed to elimante viruses, effectively becomes one itself!


                Please give us customers a discount who have been effected by this major inconvenience , or risk losing membership renewals.


                regards from Australia

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                  Put a complaint in re reimbursement of modem cost. It might be worth a go. As you can resell the modem I assume maybe ask for a subscription extension or part payment.

                  Tony from Brisbane


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                    I too spent many hours a couple of days ago investigating why my laptop (and not the other two computers in the house) suddenly could not link to the internet. WiFi connection to the router was fine, but could go no further after that. I did a "restore" to a much earlier date, and everything was fine. But of course all updates then came in again automatically, putting me back in the same boat. I finally found that going to the command prompt and typing "ipconfig/flushdns" instantly fixed the problem.


                    Came to McAfee site this morning after getting that annoying "Your system may be at risk." pop-up. (That's how I learned that I am not the only one who had the odd internet problem.) Opening McAfee on my laptop shows everything in wonderful condition, so that message makes no sense whatsoever. I will continue to ignore it, but I do hope McAfee will stop sending it!

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                      My daughter got that today it was mcafee wanting here to close teh Security centre GUI so it could update. At least it appeared to be that.

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                        The red warning on the main support page and theannouncement at the top of the main Home and Home Office page is only visiblefor those who CAN connect to the internet. My e-mail connection was alsobroken ! 

                        Also the update of the Virtual Technicianis only executed when you have no connection problems.

                        I am also really annoyed at McAfee, as Ispent hours, also with the ISP call centres, I found at last a work around withmy son but after de last updates the internet (DNS conversion) is (still) very slow.


                        Please give us customers, who have been effected bythis major inconvenience, a discount at next renewal.


                        I turned “automatic renewal” OFF for this moment.


                        Regards from TheNetherlands

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                          I too am disgusted with McAfee - I have lost close to two days work time over the past week trying to sort out my internet connectivity issues, including hours on the phone to my ISP and telecom providers, all of which could have been avoided if McAfee had simply sent out an email to all registered users to alert us to the possibility.  The only reason I discovered it was McAfee's fault was because I went on to their website to look up a virus definition for a possible trojan I'd picked up in a scan on one of my machines.


                          Message to McAfee - don't bother giving me a discount on my next subscription, as it will be with one of your competitors, not with you!  You should have learned from the Blackberry disaster earlier this year.....I reckon you will lose LOADS of customers through this mishandling of a serious situation.


                          Regards from South Africa.

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