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    Unable to access internet after install



      It is very late and i am using a small notebook to access the internet via my router (Obviously working) due to my brand new PC suddenly no longer connecting to the internet after installing and running Virtual Technician. Now please do not run through all the usual rubbish asking me questions relating to this being connected to some other issue because this is directly the result of VT.


      I kept getting a message from my Macaffee AV saying i need to download Virtual Technician and after i did , i run scan and it found two Issues. One was DAT was out dated (If i recall) and the other i do not remember, but during this scan i was plagued by messages from my AV saying firwall was turned off, i turn it back on again, then i get one saying the whole program was turned off, i turned it on again. This kept on until the scan was done, i then clicked to fix the issues and it wanted to restart the PC , so i did. Now i have a yellow symble saying i have no internet. NOTHING has ever caused this problem before.


      I can not even remove VT because i have no idea where it is and IOBit uninstaller sees only a 1kb shorcut on the destop.



      Your damn software has messed up my PC and i have data i need for my business during the next few days that has been prepered over 6 month that i CAN NOT back up and simply start to re install windows at this stage.


      I want this sorted out and after that i will be removing bother VT AND i will also be canelling my AV suite because i trusted this software and it has damn messed up settings and now a 2 month old PC that cost me a fourtune has been rended as good as dead.


      I have no idea how i am going to fix this problem. And i can bet i will get the same old questions in reply to this post.


      I should NEVER have trusted that damn software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Sometimes you need to run MVT twice before the problems are all fixed. It turns off the firewall, which is alarming, but that is apparently what it's meant to do. It should turn it back on when it's finally finshed (when I ran MVT I switched the firewall back on during the scan).


          Read this post - https://community.mcafee.com/message/253445#253445


          Run MVT again and let us know if it's not back to normal afterwards.

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            Is McAfee employing Cyber Terrorists?  If MVT is faulty WHY is McAfee still sending out downloads?  You've killed my machine, AGAIN!

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              You have my deepest empathy. When I experienced the same problem a few days ago, I assumed I had a virus (none found after scanning with 3 virus detectors, including McAfee); I called Dell and went through the machine with them for three hours after they got me rolled back to a previous date and my internet working again. They are sending me my O/S and drivers on a flash drive (Dell no longer gives you these when you buy a new computer--go figure!). I was prepared to try a Windows Repair or a complete reinstall when I ran McAfee Virtual Technician as prompted by their popup. During the fix for the DAT/Engine update error it found, I got the message that McAfee had a bug with their update that might cause loss of browser/loss of internet. I can not tell you how angry I am about this. Does McAfee test its updates before it sends them out to us? Should we refer to this as the "McAfee Virus"? We pay McAfee to protect us--not to break our computers. We can do BAD all by ourselves. I now have to re-download programs I toasted because they were suspect when I experienced this problem. McAfee owes me for hours of my lost time.

              Signed: Thoroughly Disgusted

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                The recent ie 6814 etc dats are fine MVT is not faulty just sometimes a reboot and rerun is needed.

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                  My problem has been resolved, but thank you for the info. However, there was no way for me to know, when I lost internet (with five other computers working just fine), that I should be looking at McAfee, of ALL places, for a source of the problem. I naturally thought it was my computer. Every company experiences errors. However, there is little room for such with a company like McAfee, our main line of defense in the ongoing security battle. If I can't trust McAfee not to break a feature of my computer, what chance do I have of trusting them to protect me against those who actively want to hurt my computer? Sorry for the rant; I am just so angry.

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                    I see why you are angry it is only that we here know that firewalls can block access that we look to the AV early in the checking. Users do not think that way and your anger is completely justified. 

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                      No, as a user I would certainly not think to look at my AV if I lose internet, and I would never think that my firewall might block access to everything. If my access to the internet is blocked completely, I wouldn't need a firewall at all. That would be like keeping your computer safe by never turning it on. I do expect, however, McAfee to do the job I pay them for, and perhaps to follow a similar oath to that taken by doctors: "First, do no harm."

                      I do thank YOU, however, for your patience and attempt to help.

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                        Hello, again.


                        Firstly , I am happy to say that the issue is resolved now.


                        "mrjupp" your logic in reasoning is just amazing!  I did not imply assassanation in the form of cyber terrorism. Nore would i believe McAffe to purposly attempt to harm any PC. I did however imply a bug that had caused some sort of issue with my settings. This is not an accusation, it is a well documented and common fact of software of almost any kind. I was also very angree and frustrated being 4.30 am and having to use a notebook to log in to mail, create accounts and attempt to make sense of it all at that hour. Furthermore, at no point had i said: "You killed my computer AGAIN" i said "It was as good as dead" Though i do use my PC for other things, i depend on the internet in relation to those "Other things" and thus could not use it at all without the net, so i think i was quite justified in saying that. but  I digress here.


                        To those who replied to assist, thank you for doing so. Hayton: I would not like to re run MVT and would rather leave things as they are, but i would like to remove any traces of it. I run an uninstaller but the file to remove was just a tiny shortcut. MVT must have downloaded to somewhere but it is not even in the folder i have set via Google. Nore can i find any temps. Is there  a way, WITHOUT further downloading some tool that may cause yet another issue?


                        Thank you so far.


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                          @oldnana : your wrath is as nothing compared to the fury of those business IT guys who had to sort out the problem on hundreds or thousands of machines. I happen to know (pretty much, thanks to shrewd guesswork from some of the posters in the business forums) what the underlying cause was, and I know that McAfee made a particular change with the best of intentions and the programmers and testers obviously saw no problems on their systems before letting the change loose on the world. Alas, I too have been there, done that. And this change, had it worked properly, would have improved the security of everyone's systems no end. But .... we know what happened.


                          You can be sure that Heads Are Rolling even as you read this. Any adverse effects should have been detected before final release, so the testing process needs to be tightened up.


                          However, scapegoating won't help anyone. People are fallible, mistakes happen, no-one did anything with malicious intent. What really has annoyed people (to put it mildly) is the apparent lack of regular information from McAfee about this - what happened, why, what to do immediately, and news on the progress of fixing the problem. Oh, updates and information were made available (here, on Facebook, in some business forums and other places), but it was very diffuse - an awful lot of users didn't know where to look to find out what was going on, and didn't indeed know what had gone wrong. You're not alone there.


                          What McAfee ought to be doing is taking a leaf out of Microsoft's book. When Microsoft release a bad update (and it's happened before now) the PR and customer-relations information team goes into overdrive. People know what's going on, and they know because they know where to look to find the information; and Microsoft make sure that the information goes out to multiple places, including Twitter, and is updated regularly. Folks can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel.


                          There's not much pressure you, or I, or the other mods can put on McAfee's top-level decision makers. The high-ups in Corporate HQ in California (and in Intel HQ, because don't forget they own McAfee now) almost certainly don't know this community forum exists, and if they do know then I doubt that they would find time in their busy busy lives to come and read what people are experiencing with their company's products. After all, most of the time there's nothing (let's be honest) really earth-shattering to be found here. But, every so often, something happens ... and that's when they should stop, and pay attention to the feedback. But they don't, and they won't, because I have no doubt they're all absorbed with Higher Things. A pity. A company shouldn't forget its customers.


                          Still, at least we're here to help, and we care. We do our best, such as it is, to clean up after a mess like this one. But we really wish that messes like this weren't allowed to happen in the first place.


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