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    Printer Access vs McAfee Firewall



      I hope someone has an idea for my problem - it makes no sense to me.  Here it is:


      I have a new HP printer tied to my computer and my wife's computer via ethernet cable through a router.  My computer can print.  My wife's computer cannot print.  (Both running 64-bit Win 7.)  I contacted HP Chat and went thru "the process," finally Miss Chat suggested dropping the firewall on my wife's computer and it worked!   I could print while the firewall was off.  This made no sense because I can print with my computer firewall on.  So on my wife's computer I went to McAfee Firewall/Settings/My  Network Connections and, of course, it says that thru 255 are open, but I added the IP address for the printer anyway.  Turned the firewall back on and it can't print again.   This is very frustrating.  So, Miss Chat says, "Well, we can't help you because obviously the firewall is the problem.  Perhaps you should disable it or get a new one."  So, that too made zero sense because the HP printer I had working just a week ago on the same ethernet line and same computer was just fine until it broke (mechanical problem).


      I'm stuck - I prefer not to take the printer back just yet.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  THANKS.

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          Have you got Printer Sharing turned on in both machines in the Network and Sharing Centre (Windows)?


          Try activating Windows File Sharing protocol in Firewall > Settings > Ports and System Services


          In there you could also open (stealth) a port if HP recommends it.


          It might be better if you contacted Technical Support on this as they are more knowledgeable than I.  It's free by phone or online chat.


          You'd do that on the wife's machine of course.   It's linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Thanks.  After I posted the question, my computer lost access to the printer.  I said, "That's It" and took the darn thing back to the store and got a refund.  They were pleasant about it even though they had not idea what I was talking about. 

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              That's a shame.   Next time, if there is one, Technical Support will be glad to help they are available by phone or online chat for free and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.