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    5400 White listing benchmarks?

      According to the MySupport portal the new white listing DATs should have gone out for those of us using the 5400 engine with support applications. Has anyone done any benchmarks yet to show the benefits of using this new feature?

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          Anyone at McAfee have some statistics behind how much faster we can expect Windows machines to be now? What types of cases we get the best performance?
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            I'd expect it to result in faster PC startup times, but I haven't benchmarked it.
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              I didn't notice improvement at all (Win 7 RTM) but it's quite hard to tell at the moment. The KB article is not really much helpful as it doesn't go into depth.

              So anyone experiences a better performance? :)

              VSE 8.7 SP2
              MA 4.0.0 SP3
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                Same here on W7 RTM, I've not noticed any "significant performance benefit for both On-Access and On-Demand Scanning" yet.

                With the 5400 engine, we proved in the beta through testing that it as well provided no improvement in performance at all for typical W7 machine scanning. I might have to revert my DAT files back to before then and do some benchmarking if I really want to see any values.
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                  Hmmm I had some old DAT files but it seems I deleted them all. Anyone know where I can get my hands on some pre-Oct 13th ones to do some testing with? I checked the McAfee ftp and it was only the most recent ones.
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                    I've found a SDAT of 5764 so I'm going to start building a test machine and doing some test runs to see if the DATs show a discernible difference. I plan to use W7 RTM with 8.7 P2 + HF with 5400 engine and the anti-spyware module. I will install several apps commonly used such as Office 2007 and VS 2008. I will then do several On-Demand scans with the old and new DATs recording time frames.

                    If anyone has any suggested settings or configuration requests/suggestions please let me know.
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                      thanks in advance for your benchmarks, brentil.
                      i don't expect much performance improvements...

                      the best performance archivments for old machines is to install another vendor's av-solution sad
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                        We did find via benchmarking that moving to VSE 8.7 P1 showed significant increases in performance. However until then it was actually slower than VSE 8.5. I haven't tested VSE 8.7 P2 yet but maybe I'll do that with this setup as well.

                        VSE 8.7 P1 + 5400 + old DATs
                        VSE 8.7 P2 + 5400 + old DATs
                        VSE 8.7 P2 + 5400 + new DATs
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                          Ok, I've completed my initial testing of the new 5400 White Listing and P2 items. It looks like the P2 helped a smidgen but the new White Listing really did show some gains of about 12% versus a set of non-WL DATs in On-Demand system scans.

                          • VSE 8.7 P1 - 5400 - PreWL = 75 min
                          • VSE 8.7 P2 - 5400 - PreWL = 74 min
                          • VSE 8.7 P2 - 5400 - WL = 65 min

                          I ran each test 3 times and averaged the results to get the values above. Each run was an On-Demand Scan with the Default settings + Decode MIME, Scan Inside ZIPs, and all Unwanted Programs checked. I used slower hardware but this is still a level of machine at the very outskirt of what is still being used (they just have 2gb of RAM instead). I also used the slower hardware to help show any difference since gains would be more pronounced.

                          Machine Configuration was as follows;

                          Dell Dimension 4600
                          P4 Hyperthreading 3.2ghz
                          512mb of RAM
                          W7 RTM fully patched
                          VSE 8.7 + AntiSpyware module
                          Pre-WL DATs 5764
                          WL DATs 5780
                          Office 2007 fully patched
                          VS2008 SP2 fully patched
                          SQL2005 Management Suite fully patched
                          FireFox, Dreamweaver, Flash

                          Next I plan to try to analyze On-Access scanning performance. I'm going to script the copying of the Program Files folder and then also script the [un]RARing of said files as well.
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