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    Need urgent help - Decrypting partition

      Hi all,


      Sorry for asking this question, as I have not searched the community but I need urgent assistence....


      One of our collegue's came by the IT department with a laptop which only showed BSOD. No way to enter Windows.

      On laptop Safeboot 5.2 is installed.


      I managed to reinstall Windows on the C partitiion, leaving the D partition in tact.

      But ofcourse, once Windows booted, the D partition can't be accessed.


      So I reinstalled the Safeboot 5.2 client in the hope that I am able to access the D partition again.

      However I am afraid that I will encrypt the D partition again (so encryption over encryption....).


      Can someone tell me if that is the case ?

      Will Safeboot/EEPC again encrypt the D partition ?


      At this time, the C partition is encrypting and after that it will automatically continue with the D partition (hence my urgent question).