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    Automatically "wake up" SaaS Agent

      Hello, is there a way to force a policy update before the defualt time periods listed in the policy. It looks like the quickest one is 4 hours before it will look for updates.


      It locked me out of my Amazon EC2 cloud - haha, and I need to enable RDP via the firewall policy. Which is also off considering I selected it to only report, and not block anything. But in eithere case, the real question is whether or not I have the capability to force update similar to the "wake up and force" feature in ePO.



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          Hi mrwh1t3,


          To force an update for the policies, you just need to run a manual update from the M icon.


          Please give a right click on the M icon and select update now and this run a forced manual update on the McAfee software. This will force into action any modifications on the policies that had been carried out.


          To make the RDP work, please follow the below steps.


          1. Open the firewall policy and select Custom under the firewall protection mode and click on Edit

          2. You will get a new page with 3 options

          3. Please put a check mark on File sharing, print sharing and remote desktop sharing.

          4. Save the changes and apply the policy to all/selected computers

          5. Run a manual update from the M icon.


          Please revert back for additional help.



          Pritish P.

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            Thanks for getting back to me. I understand that. The issue is my Server was located in the Amazon cloud, and I didn't have manual access to the server without RDP.


            I wanted to know if there was a way to remotely wake up the agents like you have in ePO. You have the ability to remotely wak up agents so they will pull down the latest policies, etc.


            Is this going to be a planned feature? This would be great if so.


            Thank you,



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              Hello Patrick,


              At present, we don’t have an option to force the update from McAfee security center as we have “wake up” agent in ePO.