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    Mcafee did a twice time failure in last month - how to get a rid of BSOD?




      Not to mention about how many costs we had with DAT 6907 error, now I see that we will have BSOD problems.


      Ok, one particular machine, win 7 x64, mcafee agent 4.6 with patch 2, which was taken away from mcafee support site and reposted:




      Machine has 2918 version of agent and after windows update and reboot I recieve: STOP 0x6B PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED


      Now, sorry for my expression but ****** unbelivable is, that even with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement which Mcafee is suggesting in that KB, I'm unable to log in to windows system.


      Soo, any suggestion?

      Reformating this pc is not an option!