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    why has siteadvisor dumbed down ?


      ive used http://www.siteadvisor.com/ browser addon for ages, recently it seems to be working differently, has anyone else noticed ? in the past while using firefox if a website you tried to go to was risky you could click the mcafee button on your firefox browser and a new webpage would open explaining why mcafee thinks a site is risky to view eg it drops malware onto your pc...but in july 2012 it doesnt seem to do this anymore now it just says a sites risky...why have they dumbed it down and made it much worse ?  its not good to just say a site is red or amber risk we need to know exactly what risk you have detected ! bring back the old functions asap please and explain why you changed it

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          hello mcafee its 3 months since i asked for an answer to my question..why do i no longer see reasons a site is red or yellow from the mcafee siteadvisor firefox addon ? we need to be told if a virus was detected or spyware or popups etc..we must get given reasons for the warnings so we can decide whether to use the website your flagging as bad...just saying its yellow or red is not enough...why did you dumb it down ? how do we see the info i request ???????

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            As in our case, they probably have no idea why sites have been flagged - or they want to try and blackmail site owners into buying one of their products - so that's likely the reason the functionality was removed. Google search shows that tons of sites get fasley blacklisted - like ours have been - and instead of telling you they don't know why, they must have decided to just not tell you anything...

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              That is absolute rubbish and I suggest if you have a complaint you voice it to Customer Service rather than spreading malicious gossip in other peoples' old threads.  I also suggest you read the TOS for these forums:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1001


              You've already been told that you have to contact TrustedSource for an investigation if there is no immediately & apparent reason for the rating.


              To speak with a Customer Service representative, call us at 866-622-3911.


              Average contact length: 10  minutes

              Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes

              Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific



              The above poster probably never got answered because they answered their own post rather than editing it.






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                How is it rubbish? There are endless results on the matter of being falsely blacklisted/flagged: http://bit.ly/UwSUko


                I've contacted everyone I could have, including trustedsource and the issue remains ignored. And each time we call, we're hung up on so what are we supposed to think?


                And as far as the ToS goes, McAfee has no problem with defaming us [our sites]...

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                  It's the accusations of it being ignored that are rubbish.  Things take time.  You can't expect an instant response.   If you feel things are taking too long voice your concern to Customer Service.  We can't do anything here as this is simply a peer-to-peer support spot.

                  If a technician drops in here we are lucky.


                  A bad rating is not defamation.  There's a reason for it and eventually they should let you know what it is/was and rectify it or tell you how to do that.


                  Sorry but it's the way you started out here threatening a lawsuit in the very first line of your original thread that puts everyone here on the cautious side.


                  As this thread belongs to someone else I am locking it.  Please stick with your own.