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    Best practice advise

      Hello everybody,


      I would like some advice what the best practice is for my situation. Step by step guide would be very much appreciated. Here is my situation:


      I am currently working at a new company and the are using McAfee and I am new to this product. Currently we are running Epo 4.5 with 4.5 agents and version 8.7 of the virus scanner. The system tree that they have looks like this:


      My Organization

      - Domain name


      • Productiongroup (here are all current machines managed by the epo)
      • Test Group
      • Exeptions                                                                          


      What I want to do is move some machines to the Test Group and deploy virus scan 8.8 to these machines. I would like to know the following things:


      • What packs do I have to download to get this running?
      • Can I check in the needed software strait into the current branch without affecting the current machines?
      • Is it a must to run the ePOPolicyMigration.exe to get everything to work? And if so does this have any consequences for the current 8.7 machines or anything else?
      • Are there any other things that I have to pay attention to?


      I thank everybody in advance for the help and pointers




      McAfee newbe

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          You need to download the 8.8 packages. I would check it into the evaluation branch, possibly the current, but only if you dont have any client tasks set to deploy VSE from the current branch. In this scenario, it would start deploying VSE 8.8 everywhere, and it sounds like this is what you would like to avoid. I dont believe you have to run the ePO Migration tool for VSE 8.8, but it will basically take your 8.7 policies, and re-create them as VSE 8.8 policies. In the name of not having to re-create all your policies, this will be a big help. If you would rather just create new VSE policies in 8.8, then dont run the Migration. To answer your question, no, it wont hurt your 8.7 machines. Those policies will not change, and their assignments will remain the same.

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            Hello greatscott,


            thank you for your quick response. I have a question:


            I presume that you mean the packages VSE880LMLRP1.zip and VSE880Patch1.zip. When i checkin the first one (VSE880LMLRP1.zip) in the master repository it only gives me the option to check it in in the current branch (see screenshot below) any tips?



            thx in advance for the support.



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              Go to your Menu ->Configuration -> Server Settings -> Repository Packages. Make sure you are able to check-in for any repository branch.