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    VSE8.8 P1 running on Windows 2000 Sp4


      Hi all


      Scan for threats by right click on a file

      This on

      W2000 VSE8.8 P1

      And it is with Post SP4 Rollup............


      When right click on a file -> scan for threats

      I get an error Scan32.exe Bad Image -> click ok -> same again -> click ok -> third time same error



      Then i can go for Scan for threats


      I will now have a Notification


      Click ok

      And it will run through



      This happens on some Windows 2000 SP4, and yes it is with Post SP4 Rollup

      Totally random

      Have compared machines that is working without above errors with machines that works and havent really found anything

      Got some 40 W2000 machines and really to roll back to VSE8.7 is not really an option.

      Gone through MER files from machines and cant really find anything

      We have KB51111, Supported environments for VirusScan Enterprise on Microsoft Windows


      I know W2000 not supported as OS but if anyone had same issue and might have some help for me?

      All help would be most welcome


      Thanks in advance