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    mcagent:  [__MSCs:*_STATUS_SECURE not a resource]

      I'm running Total Protection under Windows 7.  Since a few days ago I

      had not been able to bring up the Total Protection screen (mcagent.exe).

      I just NOW this minute managed to bring it up.  However in the

      green-striped message it displays the following:


           [__MSCs:*_STATUS_SECURE not a resource]


      NOTE:  Two underscores "__" follow the left square bracket.


      Below this message nothing is displayed.  The screen is otherwise

      blank.  Therefore I cannot do anything with the application.


      Is this related to the update issues of the past week?  I have read the

      document which suggests workarounds to these problems but

      apparently it does not apply to my situation.


      This is the first time I have had problems with McAfee products

      since I switched from Norton years ago.