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      It is 8:38 P.M. August 22, 2012 eastern time and I checked to see if my McAffee had updated itself and it hadn't so I decided to do it manually I did and it updated the current dat version is  6812 and I hope it is current. Will I have to remember to check manually or will it eventually straighten itself in time?


      Thank you



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          Halton . . . please report what your boot dat version shows . . . I just did the same as you and my dat shows 6812, but the boot dat shows 6802.0000 . . . thanks

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            my dat is 6812 and boot dat 6802  (boot dat is never the same as the dat) I'm using AntiVirus Plus 2012...


            I remember asking what a boot dat was when I started using the program

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