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    Windows7 & VirusScan 8.7 p2 & No Taskbar icon


      Windows 7 Enterprise
      ePO 4.5
      VirusScan 8.7 patch 2
      - Engine 5400
      Anti-Spyware 8.7
      McAfee Agent 4.5

      I have a number of Windows 7 enterprise machines that have virusscan 8.7 patch 2 & mcafee agent 4.5 installed (deployed via ePO). The issue is that there are no mcafee icons on the taskbar and non are showing in the hidden items section.

      When the agent was first installed the virusscan icon dissapeared and the new agent icon appeared and all was lovely. Now there are no mcafee icons. VirusScan & the agent appear to be installed and reporting correctly to ePO.

      Is anyone else having similar issues? I've had a search of the forum but couldn't find any mention of it..

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