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    Problems following DAT 6807


      I have two PCs, netbook and desktop.


      Finally gave in and uninstalled from netbook (XP and IE8) , using Control Panel, and then MCPR.


      Reinstalled but it only shows I PC protected on McAfee Console.


      Phoned support and they told me it was because I had not reinstalled on both PCs, so it was only recognising one on the 'network'.


      So, I uninstalled from my PC (Windows 7 and Google Chrome), using the control panel and the MPCR has failed! I have looked at the log and there are lines and lines of it. Missing files, and things that can't be found!


      What to do?

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          Chrome is an endless source of fun, try switching to IE9 for the time being.  This is Windows 7 SP1 I trust?


          You could also try using MCPR in Safe Mode...or simply go to the download site and reinstall, it should theoretically cleanup old files during the installation.

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            Thanks, Peter. Yes, Windows 7SP1.


            I think I caused the wobble in that, when I removed McAfee, I got a pop-up to say that Windows Firewall was off, click here to activate it. I thought I had just closed the pop-up, but I had activated the WF.


            Once I de-activated it, I ran MCPR.exe again and it was successful.


            I have re-installed and it now shows that 2 PCs are protected when I open the McAfee console.


            And both are showing when I log into my account.


            Thank you for all your help.


            This forum is my first port of call when I am not sure about McAfee, and your support, and that of your fellow Mods (and other users), is invaluable.


            (I only switched to Chrome, when McAfee left my IE8 in unprotected mode (way back, when I let them have control of my PC) and I couldn't figure out how to change it back to protected. I eventually did. But I like Chrome....)

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              When you uninstall McAfee you will always get various warnings which can be ignored.  You have no need to do anything with Windows Firewall at all as it will turn on automatically when McAfee is removed and off again when McAfee is reinstalled.


              I recommend strongly, no matter what browser is your favourite, that you install IE9 and any add-ons it needs so that you are up to date in that respect.   McAfee and other software uses IE behind the scenes so it's best to keep everything updated even if you don't use it.


              If your system is 64-bit you will notice 2 entries for IE in the Start > All programs menu.  Use the 32-bit one if you ever do use it.

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                Just out of in interest, I ran MVT on my desktop PC (Windows 7 and Google Chrome).


                It told me that VirusScan is not running!


                It seems to have fixed it, and I am now left with a missing file in Site Advisor, but that should be sortable hopefully.


                Over to IE9 it is!

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                  I never run MVT if I can help it.   I really don't want to give myself a nervous breakdown....LOL