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    Real Time scanning turned off, won't stay On ...


      Hi, I'm using Security Center 11.0 under Vista Home Premium and only started having this probelm today.  I rebooted thinking that might change it, but Real TIme Scanning stays off.  I click it to Turn On and that lasts a short while but then Turns Off.


      I downloaded the Virtual Technician and ran the tests that were checked for me.  The results were saved as an HTML file, I also copied and pasted that to a txt file.  I attached both files here (in case there's a problem reading the html file).


      I'd really like to have a solution to this.   I initially had problems downloading that Virtual Technician since McAfee insisted on scanning that file and since RealTime Scanning was turned off I got nowhere. I finally closed down FireFox and simply clicked on it again and it installed itself.


      Thanks in advance, Dave Horne


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