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    Trouble with Emergency Boot (using EETech Standalone)


      Hey guys,


      We're in the process of upgrading from SafeBoot 5.1.7 to EEPC 6.2.  I have a few test machines, and all is well except for Emergency Boot.  I followed the guide to create the Standalone CD, and I can boot to the EETech standalone disk just fine.  I can get past the authorization and authentication.  If I click the "Emergency Boot" button, I get the following error:


      "The current MBR contains invalid McAfee Endpoint Encryption Disk information.  EETech can search the boot disk for what appears to be valid Disk information or you can cancel the Emergency Boot operation".


      If I click the search button, it does a scan, and comes back to say that it still couldn't find valid Disk info.  I've tested on a few test machines, and all have the same results. 


      I can boot to the full EETech CD, and remove EE just fine.  There are occasions where we need to just perform an emergency boot, without having to decrypt the drive. 


      Am I missing something, or is there anything I can check?


      Thanks in advance!