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    6811 out?  Security Center says I'm up to date.


      Hi all.


      Checking some of the links that were posted during the 6809 issue seems to show that there's a 6811 DAT out today, well, since this afternoon.  My next auto-update was scheduled like 20 minutes ago but I'm still at 6809.  I tried a manual update and was told I was up to date.  Rebooted and tried another manual update (that was how I'd gotten to 6809) and still seem to be up to date, according to Security Center.  The Event Viewer showed me McAfee started at DAT 6802 (my boot dat version) and then I think after I tried to update, another event was posted saying the service had started at 6809.


      Is there anything going on here?  Is 6811 only for enterprise customers?


      Thanks in advance.