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    Quarantine problems Artemis!4C4ACED2D53D


      Latest McAfee Security center, up to date...


      A Gamehouse game EXE goes directly into Quarantine. Reports as Artemis!4C4ACED2D53D but the link (http://home.mcafee.com/VirusInfo/ThreatSearch.aspx?lang=en-us&lcid=1033&langid=1 &culture=en-US&rcode=Emerald10&version=11.0&affid=105-592&term=Artemis!4C4ACED2D 53D) has nothing on it.


      If I restore it it gets picked up immediately. No way to say it is good (Gamehouse confirms) in McAfee.


      Tried sending it to McAfee and we get an error?


      What can I do?


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