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    Upgrading VSE 8.5i to VSE8.7i

      Dear all

      For some this might look peanuts to you, but it's new for me.

      I want to upgrade our 8.51 environment to 8.7i. Also the EPO 4.0 to EPO 4.5, and agent 3.6 to 4.0.
      I know you can do this via package update. However when this will be done, it will start upgrading all repositories and agents. This will dramatically slow down the lines to our branchoffices. Is there a way to do this separately???? Branchoffice per Branchoffice??

      any suggestions/help are welcome.

      (i'm not fully known with McAfee products.)

      thanks in advance

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          anybody :confused:
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            If your ePO directory is organised by branch location you could run the task for one branch at a time. Or push out the agent and VSE updates manually using SMS, Altiris or whatever you're using.

            Or am I missing some essential point of your question?

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              I'm in the middle of just such upgrades right now, with the exception of moving from ePO 3.6.1 to 4.5. I would not try to update all 3 at the same time; divide them into 3 distinct projects. I'm doing the 8.7 upgrade first, which I will follow with the Agent, then finally the ePO server.

              Our ePO directory is set up by office departments so I can push the upgrades to just one department at a time, reducing the effect that such traffic would have on our network performance. This also allows me to send out upgrades to lower priority departments as a final means of testing. Once I'm assured that the package is going out and installing normally, then I can schedule the updates to departments when they are least busy (for instance, at night for the departments that are not open 24/7).
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                thanks for the reply!

                i'm going to upgrade one step at the time.
                starting with VSE first, let it run for a week, and then the rest.

                Will see what happens, in worst case scenario i have to start over.

                I'm investigating the current situation, and make a plan, how to ....

                i'll keep my fingers crossed.

                Thanks so far.
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                  I'd do the upgrade in a different order.

                  MA 4.0P3 first (don't forget to check the agent extension into ePO extensions as well)

                  Make sure engine 5400 is checked into ePO and deploying.

                  Then 8.7i with Patch 2.

                  Only then upgrade / sidegrade / downgrade to ePO 4.5.

                  Personally, I'd hold back from 4.5 until after ePO 4.5 Patch 1 is relesed.