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    Weekly Notifications


      Hi, I'm new to this site (and to ePO) and I hope you can help me.


      I have just started working for a company that has ePO (4.5) installed on one of their test networks but has never been managed before.


      The company would like to start utilising ePO and have given me a list of tasks they would like it to be able to do.


      I am however new to the software and no one else has used it before so I am in need of some help.


      The current task they would like ePO to do is to send out a weekly notification (via email) updating admins of the number of existing incompliant machines. Is this possible?


      I have had a good look and can only see a way of setting up a notification to trigger when a number of 'new' incompliant machines are detected but not for existing machines.


      If you require any further information please ask and thanks in advance for the help.





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          This is certainly possible - what you want to be looking at are Server Tasks. Please have a look at the relevant section of the product guide if you haven't already done so.

          In a nutshell the process would be:


          1) Create a new query that returns the information you want - in this case, the non-compliant machines

          2) Create a server task where the first action is to run this query, and the sub-action is to email the results to the admins

          3) Schedule the task to run once a week.


          HTH -



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            Thank you very much for the help, that was spot on.