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    How to remove trojan after scan



      I have McAfee Total Protection, run a full scan yesterday and it shows the following message, as per pic attached:



      Your computer is at Risk!


      Issues: 3


      Viruses, Trjoans, and Cookies


      Infected Items          Status


      zz-services.tmp          Quarantined

      Desktop.ini                Unable to delete

      Desktop.ini                Unable to delete

      zz-services.tmp          Unable to delete



      So, it's telling me that trojans were detected, but apparently doesn't show any options to remove them.


      What should I do?





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          Peter M

          Open SecurityCenter and go to Navigation at top right

          Scroll down and look for Quarantined and Trusted Items


          The items should be in one of the three areas there and can be deleted from there.

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            Hi Ex_Brit,


            Thank you for your help. I've deleted them all, just in case. If the software rated them as harmefull, I can't see any other option.


            Now it´s giving me a different message: "Your computer is at risk. Firewall turned off."


            Each time I try to turn it on, it stays on just for a couple of seconds, and then turns off again, and the same message shows again. Any idea why this happens?


            I must say that since I've installed McAfee last year or so I never had issues with viruses until this week, not sure why I'm having all these issues now. Was I under attack or something?





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              Peter M

              I don't know but it sounds strange I must admit.


              Try Stinger and Malwarebytes Free - both linked in that last clickable link in my signature below.

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                ZeroAccess that sounds like.  Hitman Pro (www.hitmanpro.nl) or ComboFix (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/combofix/how-to-use-combofix) has been the only methods I've seen have success with that infection.  There's another problem with it (and why you're seeing the firewall issue), even after the infection is removed you'll still be stuck needing to go thru further steps to reinstall the Windows Firewall and maybe other services the infection breaks.  A good old format and reinstall of Windows is the best option if you want to be 100% sure it's gone.

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                  Hi Ex_Brit,


                  I have the same issue:

                  The scan report suggests that:

                  1) 0 virus and spyware detected

                  2) 1 Trojan detected

                  3) In there are no items/files in Navigation>Quarantine and Trusted

                  4) I have had two of the MacAfee suppliers in the past to look into this. They thorough check on my PC (e.g., installing and running stringer, etc.) and concluded that my PC is not infected. And that the Trojan 1 message is misleading.


                  However, after three, I keep having the Trojan 1 in the report after every single computer scan.


                  Question: How do I get this Trojan 1 removed? Or fix the report so that it stops saying that my PC is infected with 1 Trojan?


                  Many thanks



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                    Peter M

                    I think you are reading the security report which is a potted history of everything since you got the software, so it isn't surprising that there's nothing in Quarantine.