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    Transferring ePO 4.6 database - from MSSQL server 2008 to MSSQL server 2005

      So, long story short, someone installed our ePO database ona machine they never should have, that never should have been put intoproduction in the first place, and as a result, we need to move the databaseoff ASAP.  (The web front end is fine where it is, on a different server,and won't be moving.)


      The rub is that the server it’s on is running MSSQL 2008, thedatabase version is “SQL Server 2008 (100)” and the only available place to putit at the moment is a server running MSSQL 2005.  So, we can’t “just export/import” thedatabase as suggested in the various McAfee KBs for changing the database location.


      Is it possible to export the data into a new database on the2005 server, and if so, what all needs to be exported?  (And ideally, is there a KB article on this procedure?)  I tried searching around, but the only KBs Icould find seem to assume the database is being moved between the same versionof MSSQL, and I’m not sure what all I’d need to do to avoid breaking somethingby copying the data between different MSSQL version, or if that’s even a “supported”activity.


      Any help would be much appreciated.