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      I run McAfee security centre but have most recently been the subject of a phising attack, as a result my contacts are receiving e-mails from an address very similar to mine asking for money what is the best method to beat these people

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          Peter M

          If you haven't seen any unusual activity on your machine the chances are it's not you who is sending them but someone with your email address in their address book who has been infected by a virus/spyware and it is spoofing your address in the 'from' line.


          As a precaution scan with some extra tools such as Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, both listed in the last link in my signature below.    Suggest that to your friends also.




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            Golf ball,


            You're friends may have been fished.  It is recomended to tell you're friend or family to perform a on-Access Scan. this will make sure they are not hacked.


            Maybe, try malware bytes as ex-brit suggests..