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    VS8.7i P2 - McLogEvent 5019 on Cookies

      Hello all,

      We are facing troubles with VirusScan 8.7i P2 on 15-20 computers. When the user browse, IE hang, then disappear...then Explorer go not responding and then computers start becoming unusable till next reboot.

      It happens each time McShield crash :

      Type de l'événement*: Erreur
      Source de l'événement*: McLogEvent
      Catégorie de l'événement*: Aucun
      ID de l'événement*: 5019
      Date*: 06/10/2009
      Heure*: 09:34:42
      Utilisateur*: AUTORITE NT\SYSTEM
      Ordinateur*: PCNAME
      Exception dans McShield.Exe!
      Détails de l'exception*:
      Exception Code : 0XC0000005
      Exception Address : 0X121119B4
      Exception Parameters : 2
      Param 1 = 0X00000001
      Param 2 = 0X00000EA8

      More information :
      ScanRequest : NTName is \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Documents and Settings\NAME\Cookies\NAME@advertising[1].txt.

      On all computers...and it's always Cookies related. This happen with IE6 and IE7 (we'll try with IE8 this afternoom