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    Performance Issues Scanning Compressed/Archive Files VSE 8.8


      We were having issues with scanning of compressed files.  The realtime scan was severely slowing down performance of Java developers because it would keep scanning jar files everytime they were accessed, slowing their work and making their whole system hang.

      One of our file servers had 100 percent CPU use when we did scheduled scans that included compressed files. The scheduled scans were so slow that scans started after hours would be still be running during business hours the next day.

      So, we excluded archive files from realtime and scheduled scans and all these issues went away.  I've since been told that the newer format Office files like docx and pptx and xlsx are considered compressed files and will not be checked for malware if compressed files are exempted.

      Not scanning Office documents at all is too much of a risk.  What is the best way to handle these issues?


      on 8/19/12 11:58:30 AM CDT