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    How to UNBLOCK something that was blocked?


      Running McAfee Total Access on Win 7 laptop.  I was printing some work over my home network when there was a severe weather poweroutage.  A few minutes later when the power came back on, I  could no longer print.  While I was investigating the printer McAfee popped up a waring that it had blocked something (I forgot the exact message).  I clicked on "more" to get information about what this was and it mentioned Internet Explorer and it gave me the option to "Don't Block Next Time" which I selected thinking this was the problem with the printer.  As it turns out the printing problem had to do with my main desktop computer which is the hub of my home network being off due to the poweroutage.  Once I booted the desktop computer the printing started up again.


      My question is how can I get into McAfee to undo that message I told it to "DON'T Block Next Time"?


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