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    Antivirus update



      Recently I found myself deep into a big dark hole, apparently due to the last antivirus update.


      The automatic update was done last Friday evening (i can't assure whether or not I switch off pc before the update is finished), the next day moring the pc worked fine and when I started again during night time and since then I'm not able to connect to internet.

      According to the internet technical support this is most likely because of last McAfee antivirus update as when pc runs on safety mode, the connection is possible.


      The "funny" thing here is that McAfee only gives technical assistance on weekdays between 09-17h which is quite good, specially because i'm only at home on weekends and on weekdays after 18h!... In addition there is no email address where I can send a claim because this function is unavailable on McAfee website.


      So, I was told (not by anyone from McAfee as I can't reach them on weekends...) that my only choise would be to remove the antivirus and to install it again. But for that I would need a key-access as the antivrus I have I've got it from internet. Again, the "funny" thing here is that I've never received any key-access to restore the antivirus in case of need.


      So, in view of above what are my options? Any light you can share is most welcome.



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          could you post your system information, including version of McAfee you are running? 


          - David

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            Hi David


            Here the required information


            Windows 7 Home Premium


            McAfee Security Center

            Version: 11.0

            Compilation: 11.0.678


            Last update: 26-06-2012


            McAfee VirusScan

            Version: 15.0

            Compilation: 15.0.302

            Last update: 17-08-2012

            DAT file version: 6807

            DAT file creation date: 17-08-2012

            Start DAT version: 6802.0000

            Start DAT creation version: 13-08-2012

            Motor version: 5400.1158


            McAfee Personnal Firewall

            Vesrion: 12.0

            Compilation: 12.0.230

            Last update: 28-07-2012


            Also have McAfee SiteAdvisor, McAfee Anti-Spam, PArental Controls and Quickclean and Shredder but I thing you don't want to know abt those.


            Hope to have informed you well and looking forward to hearing from you


            - Jorge

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              This does not sem to be a question of MOVE AV. Mcafee, please move this topic to the rite forum...