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    Big Problems with VSE 8.7 and P2

      Hi All.

      Just thought that I would make you all aware of a problem I had with patch 2 of VSE 8.7 when it was deployed to my clients (pcs and servers). It was my fault really as I checked it into the current branch of the repository so all my users pcs and servers grabbed the update. When it installed on my exchange server a few minuted after we started having problems with TCP binding and communication problems with where it was unable to contact domain controllers and other servers. We had to manually move the cluster store and re-load the servers. It also took out our time recording system (running flexi and door access system) which caused no end of grief from users. That all happened on Friday. Then this morning when I came into work we had a large number of servers that were unable to communicate with the domain. We resolved many of these with just a restart but others had to be put into a workgroup and then re-join the domain.

      Has anyone else had an issues similar to this?
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          Why not disable McAfee and see if the problem exists? Because what you descibed
          is a real nightmare, but it's not said that mcafee was the cause?
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            Hi CKZ.

            Its too much of a coincidence that it only affected servers that were running Mcafee and also I have read another post on here that DNS issues were experienced when another user installed patch 2. My servers also had this problem at the same time the patch was installed. It caused me no end of problem on Monday morning but thankfully everything was OK today. Lets hope it stays that way.