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    Total protection turns out a total disappointment (Couldn`t load script...)

      I have recently bought McAfee Total Protection 2012 and it seemed to work for a week or two (at least I thought so) until I needed a Shredder tool that gave me a "Couldn`t load script" error.

      I googled it and reinstalled the whole thing (using Program Uninstall in Win7 and MCPR tool).

      Shredder came back to work, but I can no longer "scan my PC" because of this:



      If I cllick "about" I will see either "VSOs unidentified" or no reaction to click at all.


      I have Win7 Ultimate, SP1, all possible updates installed (ie 9.0.8112.15421), 4gb of RAM, 4gb free on my SSD.


      It seems that this issue is not new as there are questions asked about it 4 years ago (dated even 2008)


      How long should it take for McAfee to sort their s... oftware out?!


      What am I suppose to do now?

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