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    Access Protection Is Blocking Update Checking And Subscription Verification

      The Access Protection feature on my McAfee Total Protection 2012 Product is blocking my product from checking for updates and verifying my subscription, so I was wondering if others were having the same problems.  Everything on my computer and my product is up to date and everything was working just fine until a few hours ago.  I have no threat detections or error messages from my computer or McAfee product.  I have already telephoned and gone through Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support on this issue, which is how I was able to diagnose that it was an Access Protection issue.


      When I run verify subscription, nothing happens (no UAC control box or verification message), unless I disable the Access Protection first.  When I check for updates, the product says the update check is complete just fine, but the last update date on the product does not change unless I first disable the Access Protection.  Could others who have the same problems please write about it on here and please notify McAfee of this problem as I have by telephone.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated because having to disable and reenable the access Protection all the time just to update and verify subscription is very annoying (these problems only started after I received the latest DAT).

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          DAT 6807 was made bad by McAfee, which caused the subsciptiuon verification, updates, and eventually the entire McAfee Total Protection 2012 product to not function at all for over 2 days.  I spent over 2 days at war with McAfee's incompetent Tier 1 and 2 Indians who kept lying to me and promising me call backs from Tier 2.5, which I never received.  I spent hours at a time in hold and I spent hours doing trouble shooting with McAfee's Concierge Platinum Americans who said in their decades of experience they had never seen anything like this McAfee problem and they could not fix it because they admit they are not McAfee experts, though they were false adverised to me as McAfee experts when I paid $300 for the whole McAfee Concierge Platinum Total Protection mess.  I almost did a whole factory restore operating system reinstall to try to fix this hardship McAfee inflicted on me despite the fact that I and the Concierge Platinum Americans could find nothing wrong with my computer to explain why even after 2 McAfee reinstalls, the whole junk program would not work.


          For the time being, DAT 6809, which I received on Sunday morning (an odd time for McAfee updates to come out, so I figured McAfee realised their screw up finally) has my McAfee Total Protection 2012 product mostly working again.  McAfee is now officially worse than garbage Norton, which I dumped for McAfee months ago, in terms of its bad updates, garbage product, and inept technical support (the Americans try to help, though they are generally not too good, but the Indians just make up lies about phantom call backs they never intend to make, so you get off the telephone).  I am going to try to finish my contracted time with McAfee since I am too poor to buy anything else right now, but I do not intend to stand still for this shabby treatment and defective product, especially when it was false advetising that tricked me into buying McAfee over AVG's similar package, which was cheaper (it turns out the Concierge Platinum Americans are not McAfee experts as advertised and they are third party contractors who are not even McAfee employees).  Count me in if anybody wants to start a class action law suit against McAfee for this week end debacle their defective DAT 6807 caused lots of us because it will be an easy win in court for sure (I can name 2 McAfee Concierge Platinum Americans who both told me this was all a programming flaw in McAfee's defective product and in no way any fault of my computer, which they swear is free of all threats and is operating perfectly).

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            NO MORE  MAFEE for me. Company has always been crap.  Had one last install of Norton so I used it. Might not like Norton but at least its working.

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              there was a bad dat released see


              This might be the cause of your issues.


              1-2 days to fix not a big deal sorry 4 mths for some other issues is a big deal.

              Worst that has to be done is an 1hr reinstall of mcafee that should fix the issue.


              Re your platimium experience I am seeing if a manager I know can get you satisfaction

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                I love it when McAfee apologists try to come on here and defend the inexcusable poor performance or McAfee's junk products and bad employees (it is good comic relief).  If you read my last message then you would see I already said it was a bad DAT release that caused this problem.  I knew it was a bad DAT from the start that caused this Hellish problem for me and many others, but as usual McAfee's Indians tried to shift the blame and pretend this was not McAfee's fault (at least the Concierge Platinum Americans are more honest about McAfee's faults as they are third party contractors and not McAfee stooges).  Sure 2 days of pure Hell is not big deal to YOU, but to me it sure was a big deal to me that I was on the telephone night and day for endless hours trying to get this fixed between the barely qualified Americans and the lying, unqualified, Indians.  I was not able to use my computer at all except for multiple trouble shooting sessions since McAfee was not securing it and I barely slept for over 48 hours while I repeatedly called McAfee's many phone numbers pleading for help and being put on hold literally for hours on end.


                The Concierge Platinum is a total rip off of false advertising that I can prove in a court of law if I have to.  At least those Concierge Platinum Americans try to help and are generally nice (I have ran into a couple of stinkers on their late night shift though), but the McAfee Indians are completely unhelpful and are total liars.  McAfee Indians at Tier 1 and 2 promised me MULTIPLE call backs from Tier 2.5 at varied times that I NEVER received because that is how they are trained to lie to get people off the telephone.  I was NEVER told at any time by McAfee Indians or McAfee Americans that this was a wide spread outage and issue as I was wrongly led to believe this was only an issue with my computer (I could not check the McAfee community since I could not be online with a defenseless computer).  This is all on top of multiple other issues I have had that McAfee has taken months to resolve and has actually damaged my computer trying to resolve due to their bumbling (mainly by the incompetent Indians, but a little by the almost untrained Americans too).


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                  I agree 100% that McAfee is crap, but Norton is too.  Norton is what I dumped to become a McAfee customer because Norton's Indian, Australian, and American idiots could never figure out why their junk product stopped working on my computer each week and they eventually refused me any further technical support since they were too stupid to figure out how to fix my problem.  I got plenty of threats on my last computer that Norton never stopped nor even detected and their technical twits blamed it all on phantom software conflicts that did not exist.  AVG is what I am going to try next when my McAfee subscription is done or sooner if I can get some money together of if Mcafee keeps causing me this Hell where I can no longer use it as McAfee has for the last 2 days.

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                    Tracy Romine



                    I totally understand your frustration.  This McAfee update has caused a lot of pain.  First off, if you have not already received a refund for your TechMaster subscription which you say was sold to you as a way to deal with this weekend's McAfee issues, I can help you with that.  If you send me your email address via private message, I'll get the wheels turning.  Otherwise, you can call TechMaster and just mention my name, and this conversation. 


                    I will warn you that the phone queue at TechMaster may be delayed, due to our agents handling the McAfee software update issue.  Either way, we will make good on this.  Sorry for the pain.

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                      I NEVER said Techmaster was sold to me as a way to solve this weekend's DAT 6807 issues, so I do not know where you got that from.  I said that Techmaster was sold to me 5 months ago based on false adverising that the Techmaster employees are experts on McAfee's products (they themselves have told me they are not) and that they would act in place of the McAfee Indians by giving me 24 / 7 American customer support (since I was sick of Norton Indians, I wanted to avoid further Indian customer support).  I was lied to that the Techmaster employees are McAfee employees when they are really third party contractors who do not even talk to McAfee.  I know I will never get a refund after 5 months of having this junk, so I do not want to waste my time on that (Techmaster refuses to extend their service to me for 2 extra months to match the 2 extra months of Total Protection subscription Mcafee Tier 2.5 Indians gave me before, so I know they will give me no money back).


                      Kevin and Jeffrey, the 2 Techmaster employees I talked to when I could break through hours on hold, were very nice and tried to help me as much as their limited knowledge of McAfee could and their decades of personal experience taught them to (they both said they never saw anything like this in their decades of working on computers).  Kevin, Jeffrey, and NOBODY else at Techmaster were ever told this was a wide spread outage by McAfee, so they wasted hours of my time and theirs trying to fix this as if it was a single issue with my computer when there was no way it could be fixed until McAfee got off its butt and released a new DAT (I almost wiped out my whole operating system and was going to do a full reinstall because I and Techmaster had no idea this was a widespread outage caused by a bad DAT).  McAfee Tier 1 and 2 Indians on Friday and Saturday also had no clue this was a wide spread issue as all they would do was promise me phony call backs from Tier 2.5 that never took place.  The ineptness of McAfee releasing this bad DAT and taking 2 days to fix it is terrible enough, but failing to provide both their American and Indian telephone support people with the proper facts to relay to customers is beyond horrible.


                      On Monday, after the issue is fixed and my McAfee product is mostly working, then the Tier 2.5 Indians start calling me when I do not need them to call (days after my promised call backs never took place).  McAfee Tier 2.5 Indians call at random times when I am not available to take the calls and my caller ID says unknown caller, so I would not have answered even if I was at home.  I could go on with more examples of McAfee lies and false advertising, such as saying Techmaster is 24 / 7 when it really is not because the Rochester, New York call center is under staffed (Kevin was the only guy working there the night this all started as he told me himself), so getting anybody on the phone there is near impossible then despite the $300 I was ripped off for back in March (of course the McAfee Indians only work 12 hours per day so the other 12 hours a day they are totally not available, though they do no good when they are available).  In summary, McAfee's product, technical support, and customer service stinks and I hope I can just finish out my year with McAfee and then give AVG a try (with my luck AVG will stink as bad as Norton and McAfee, but I have to keep trying to find something decent).


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