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    McAfee Version 11.6 Security History query

      Hi everyone, there was a recent upgrade to version 11.6. When I clicked on Navigation and went to Reports and History and then Security History I found thousands of hits on my PC which is running Windows 7. The hits were as follows:


      Suspicious incomming network blocked

      Source IP address (for example)


      As I say since I had this upgrade over a week ago and I have had thousands of these activities on my PC from thousands of different IP addresses. When I had the earlier version I would get a few but nothing to this extent. I have checked the IP addresses of some of these activities and some are from google and click advdertising.  I wonder if this is unique to my PC.


      Because there are so many hits it takes 10 minutes to load the full history and considering you can get a report up to 90 days I would imagine come October it will take hours to load the activities so I suspect something may be wrong and I kindly ask if other users are experiencing this? Many thanks

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          That IP belongs to Tribal Fusion in the Alameda, CA. area.   I get hundreds of similar hits and so does everyone.  Those attempts are blocked and you have no need to worry about them.   Mine for instance shows that my own router tried to access port 1900 several times in the last 24 hours.  I have no idea why.  I would have to call support and ask them what it all means I'm afraid.   All I know is that those attempts are failed attenpts and the list is simply there for your information only.


          if you need more information call them, it's free, or use the online chat, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Thanks Peter for your reply. The strange thing about all these hits which I presume from your post are harmless is that the earlier version of Mcafee Internet Security only had a handful everyday, just curious why it is not now in the hundreds or even  thousands a day. That's a big jump and makes me wonder was the version prior to the 11.6 update not doing the job correctly. I would like other users to check this because the time it takes to load is getting longer and longer and because it has a 90 day capacity it will be near impossible to load it when it reaches the limit of 90 days.


            Please go to Navigation/Reports and History/Security History



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              It discards records when full and they are only text so don't occupy a huge space anyway.    The newer interface collects information differently, that's all they've told us.


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