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    How to get EETech working on Windows 7



      Hopefully, this will be pretty easy to answer.  I need to run EETech on Windows (as opposed to via WinPE or a standalone boot disk).  I downloaded EETech.zip from McAfee's website and extracted the entire WinPE folder.  When I go into that folder and run EETech.exe, I receive:


      "Fatal Error: EE0E0001 [0xEE0E0001] EpeTechMainWnd.xml"


      The file "EpeTechMainWnd.xml" definitely exists in the directory.  The error message is not very helpful, so not sure where to go from here.


      Appreciate any help!

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          You need to create the correct folder structure - the files don't just go in one flat directory.


          The INI file used to build the WinPE image will tell you where everything goes.

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            In the package, I don't see an INI file, but I do have "eetech.inf" which seems to be what you are talking about.  The file indicates that, for instance, "EpeTechMainWnd.xml" needs to be placed in the Themes subfolder.  But, when I put it there, & I attempt to launch EETech, it is still complaining about that file.  I would have thought that if I put that first file in the right directory, it should at least be complaining about a different file now.


            This is very confusing..  Does there happen to be an article or something that describes where all these various files need to go?