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    All Access 2012 - Mountain Lion

      Ok - I am confused. After spending time on online chat I was told that I was unable to download the product cause Mountain Lion is not yet supported, most likely in September. But the other Moutain Lion threads seem to say it IS supported. Ok, I am confused and frustrated. I phoned and had customer service extend my account for an additional month to cover the delay but now I don't know what to expect.


      In addition, Chrome seemed to have real problems with the McAfee site - I got a server error when trying to download and could not get online chat or telephone support to work. Seems like the browser scripts only work in Safari (at least for me). When I got to Safari, I got a "can't use the app on this version of linix/ubuntu" and was then able to get to online chat.


      So does anyone really known when this product will support Mountain Lion and when I might be able to download and install it?