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    Multiple VS icons in system tray

      After installing 8.7 to one of our laptops via ePO 4.5 the client now has a number of VS icons in the system tray (around 10). Moving the mouse over any of these causes the system tray to collapse and they become inaccessible.

      The system shows as being compliant on our server but that's all the info I have until I can get the laptop in to take a look.

      Anyone come across this before?

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          I've seen this happen often after patch installs or client upgrades with 8.0, 8.5, and 8.7. Just had two systems doing this after pushing patch 2 to the 8.7 clients. Probably occurs when the upgrade or patch installs while the user is logged on and has apps open.
          Anyway, uninstalling and reinstalling the Mcafee Antivirus client has fixed this every time in my experience.
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            We have seen this reported behaviour now on 4 systems (on 5500), my guess more systems have it, but it doesn't get reported by users.

            Iam going to file an icident on this issue.


            Filed under incident: 3-815195621


            reg, Henno.



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