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    Question about group users for Endpoint Encryption




      We have recently deployed EEPC v6.2 in our organization (we've migrated from SafeBoot 5.1.7 to EEPC 6.2).  All is going well, except I have one question.  We would like to implement the password policy to expire user's passwords on a 60 day interval, but we'd like to have the administrator's accounts (group users or "back-door" accounts) to have a static password.  The reason being is that sometimes we have a machine that is shelfed for a few months, and if we need to get access to the files on the machine, we may forget what the password was set to when it was last online. 

      Is there a way to seperate the policy so that the user's password expires, but the admin/backdoor passwords to not?  I couldn't find any documentation on this.




      Joe S.