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    CMA 4.5 Released

      McAfee Agent 4.5 is now available for download to licensed customers from the McAfee download site:
      <https://secure.nai.com/apps/downloads/my_products/login.asp?region=us&segment=e nterprise>

      New Features

      *Update Now
      - The Update Now action provides the following new functionality:
      -- Updating selected systems when troubleshooting.
      -- Distributing new DATs or signatures to all or selected systems immediately.
      -- Updating selected point-products that have been deployed previously.

      NOTE: This feature requires ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.

      *Policy Assignment Rules
      - Managed products that are designed to work with this feature can specify which policies to apply to the currently logged-on user. These user-based policies are applied in addition to your current policies.

      NOTE: This feature requires ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.

      *Communication security enhancements
      - When used with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5, all agent-server communications are encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS), the industry standard high-encryption protocol. Communications include the following:
      -- Agent-server communication
      -- Event uploading
      -- Update Now actions
      -- Authentication and authorization
      -- Bulk data transfers
      - All encryption is 128-bit strength and, except for Mac OS X is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

      NOTE: This feature requires ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.

      *Performance Improvement
      - Policy enforcement functions have been redesigned to reduce CPU consumption.

      *Improved methodology for identifying nearby repositories
      - The previous method of determining the closest repository sometimes identified very remote repositories. Now when you choose to connect with the nearest repository, this improved method defines the shortest distance as the repository that requires the fewest "hops," or portions of the route between source and destination.

      *Data Execution Prevention
      - The agent is compatible with Windows operating systems that provide Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

      *Custom properties
      - When installing the agent from the command line, four custom properties can be included. This feature allows custom properties to be reported back to the ePO server, and displayed in the system properties. This information can be used with the ePolicy Orchestrator tagging feature as well.
      -- In Windows environments, custom properties can also be specified directly in the editable registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Agent\CustomProps\
      -- On UNIX-based systems, custom properties can be specified in the editable file /McAfee/cma/scratch/CustomProps.xml.

      *IPv6 compatibility
      - The agent is fully compatible with IPv6 in both native and mixed environments, including:
      -- Native IPv4
      -- Native IPv6
      -- Mixed IPv4 and IPv6

      *System tray icon
      - The McAfee system tray icon has been redesigned and now includes these features:
      -- Links to frequently used menu items of managed products, which are integrated with the tray icon.
      -- Links to the administrative console of managed products.
      -- Immediate updating of all the installed McAfee point-products, (if enabled).
      -- Launching scans by McAfee programs, such as VirusScan Enterprise or McAfee Network Access Control.
      -- Displaying the current system status of managed products, including current events and event history. This information can be copied and saved to the clipboard for inclusion in a text file.
      -- Direct linking to the Agent Status Monitor, as an alternative to the previous command-line procedure. The Monitor includes buttons that trigger the collection and transmission of properties; downloading and enforcing policies; and the transmission of event information.

      Please review the most up to date readme for McAfee Agent 4.5 via the McAfee KnowledgeBase for additional, important information:
      - McAfee Agent 4.5 Release Notes

      - McAfee Agent 4.5 Release Notes (Addendum)