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    Using API to push policies to 'nested' EPO servers


      Hi All


      I was under the impression that the Web API could be used to push policies to 'nested' EPO servers.


      Let me explain myself a little better.

      I am in the process of building a 'Root' EPO server for a company and they are going to be offering McAfee AV as a service. Some of the customers will have an EPO server on their site. These will be configured as registered servers and reporting will be rolled up. What I was told was that we could configure all of the policies on the 'root' system and these could be deployed to the registered systems using the API so they got their specific policies, allowing us to maintain a central repository (if you like) of the policies and manage them all in one place.

      Is this possible with the API or is this a function that EPO already has built in? Never had to setup anything like this before so keen to hear if anyone else has.